We Are A Law School

If you’re looking for a law school, we are one, with students, and faculty, and a course catalog. Some of our graduates go on to get jobs at the country’s top law firms, assisting important partners with many of their custodial and delivery needs. We are proud of the percentage of our graduates, and have an arrangement with the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway Cemetery and Burial Ground to provide discount interment services for alumni — which may, if you’re like many of our alums, be sooner than you think. Feel free to explore our site to learn more about our exciting courses, distinguished faculty, student organizations, legal journals, job-bots, and the award-winning hand dryer in one of the faculty restrooms. It’s really quite something. Application materials for next year’s incoming class are also available here. If you can read, and have money, it is highly likely that we will welcome you to our scenic campus alongside the canal in picturesque downtown Gowanus.

You’ve heard of lawyers — this is where some of them come from.

Welcome to Manhattan Law School!