Student Health Services

Student Health Services is located in a tent just outside the main law school building. Law students may stop by on weekdays between 12:30pm and 1:30pm for services from our licensed health dog, Sparky. Sparky is able to administer injections, evaluate and treat accident-related injuries, and determine whether or not you are in possession of drugs or alcohol.

A certified nurse practitioner stops by every third Friday to check in. You may begin lining up at any time during the period between her visits; she will see patients on a first-come, first-serve basis. She will not wear gloves, due to a contractual arrangement.

If you have an urgent medical situation, you should find a doctor or hospital. We maintain a list of local doctors and hospitals in the large yellow book near the public phone in the main office.

Our brand-new Health Advice Line can answer some common questions, especially about Canal Asphyxiation Syndrome (CAS).

MLS also has a set of volunteer counselors to provide counseling services. For training purposes, counseling sessions are videotaped and broadcast live on MLS-TV. To search the upcoming schedule by student name, use the MENU function on your television remote control.