The Gowanus neighborhood we call home has been called “a designated Superfund site” by TimeOut New York, “perfect for mouth breathers,” by BrickUnderground.com, and a “most obvious touchstone for fears” by The New York Times.  Hangouts nearby the law school include bars, clubs, makeshift sheds containing bars and clubs, an empty-shelved bodega, and cemeteries, both official and unofficial.  We’re proud to be the only source of WiFi, albeit spotty WiFi, for at least three miles.

Manhattan Law School students are eligible for a wide range of housing options, from the MLS-owned Tenement Towers just across the street from the main building to a low-income housing project just minutes away to a variety of rafts tied to the banks of the Gowanus Canal to spacious and roomy lockers in the law school’s basement.

The MLS Department of Residential Confinement works to create an atmosphere where students are protected from rain, snow, and flying debris as much as possible, as well as exposed to fewer annual hate crimes than we have recorded since the law school began recording hate crime data in 2012.

We are also pleased to announce that starting this fall, all bathrooms will be gender neutral bathrooms.  So, if you live in an MLS-owned facility, you may return home to find people of all genders — not just your own — using your bathroom.

Most of our housing units even come with beds.

Before meeting with our housing officers, we ask all students to consider their answers to the following questions so that we can assign you with the most appropriate roommate or roommates:

1. Are you a morning person or a night owl?

2. If you are a morning person, would it bother you to live with a night owl?

3. What if the night owl has been checked for rabies and has a handler who will come by once a week with a sufficient supply of live mice for the owl to consume?

4. Are you bothered by loud noises?

5. What about very loud noises?

6. Do you have any food allergies that would make it impossible for you to share space with our commissary kitchen that prepares food for the law school beginning each morning at 3 AM with the gutting and scaling of fresh fish?

7. What is your position on concealed weapons?

8. How many cubic inches are you?

9. Have you ever spent significant time inside a shipping container?

10. Would it bother you to share a shipping container with another living creature, or would you prefer the other creature not be alive?

We look forward to meeting your housing needs.