Faculty Publications

When they aren’t teaching students, playing solitaire, or polishing their resumes, our faculty is constantly publishing new works.  Here is a list of recent faculty publications:

Delbert D. Allen is the author of Reforming the Law of Evidence of Yugoslavia (Part Fourteen): What To Do When Your Book Series Outlasts the Existence of the Country it is About.

Edward O. Armtwister is the author of Rape: Should We Really Punish It?

Baron N. Barron is the author of Finding Love in the Classroom: One Impotent Man’s Experience.

Stanley T. Burnside is the author of Legal Limitations on Human Genital Experimentation.

Charles G. Cooper is the author of On the Seventy-Fifth Amendment.

Alan O. Curry is the author of Choosing To Accept Reality: Overcoming Adversity When You Are Told You Will Never Make Partner.

Abe T. Daily is the author of Disbarred! A Cartoon Adventure!

David O. Davidson is the author of Why Do We Bother With A Legal System?

Zebulon L. Eigenvector is the author of Judges, Jesus, and Joyrides: Another Zebulon Eigenvector Adventure.

Emilio A. Kass is the author of Bleak House.

Anthony W. Katz is the author of No One Will Know If You Murder Your Law Students.

Steven S. Lefkowitz is the author of The Law of Poop.

Jack C. Marcus is the author of How To Cook Research Assistants: A Historical Perspective.

Calvin H. Plaster is the author of Involuntary Outpatient Commitment: Putting Deans in Mental Hospitals.

Steven O. Raisin is the author of What I Wear When I Teach Corporations.

Martin O. Salisbury is the author of Eat, Pray, Love.

Duke L. Winterbottom is the author of The Bible.