Course Catalog

Manhattan Law School’s curriculum exposes students to a wide variety of topics that are occasionally relevant to the practice of law. Students benefit from the experiences of professors who are unable or unwilling to find jobs in private practice.

Our required first-year curriculum includes Property, Contracts, Criminal Law, Civilian Procedure, and a unique Ethics of Legal Practice course that introduces students to the corners typically cut by practitioners across a wide range of specialties.

The following list of courses includes classes that are offered by MLS as well as ones that we aspire to offer. The Law School administration reserves the right to alter the course offerings at any point during the semester. Refunds are not given for books that lose their relevance once the course topic is switched

679. Access to Classrooms Workshop

701. Administrivial Law

847. Advanced Civil Trial Practice, Gender Discrimination (men only)

617. Advanced Topics in Course Naming

605. Alternative Disputes

716. Bankruptcy Filing Clinic

762. Business, Money, Capitalism, etc.

658. Capital Punishment Practicum

635. Child Welfare Home Visits

860. Colloquiums III

959. Courtroom Dramas

767. Cross Examination Techniquum

897. Directed Research

659M. Doing Deals: Drugs

745. DUI Defense (BYOB)

669X. Employment Discrimination Lab

694. English Legal History

697. Environmental Exploratory Workshop

620. European Legal Future

632X. Evidents

632C. Expert Witness Career Clinic

643. Family Law IX

680. Fat Law

761. Foreign Library Coding

640. Fundamentals of Legal Reading

736B. Generic Topics in Global Law

690B. Human, Right?

608. Intellectible Property

609L. International Commercial Arbitrage

653. International Criminal Drama

631A. Internets

570A. Introduction to American Legal Shorthand Writing Systems

714. Juvenile Justice Clinic (BYOB)

651. Labor Camp

695. Land Theories

771. Law and Snacks

517A Legal Theory: 20th Century Television

622D. Mental Health Issues among the Law School Faculty

656. Negotiable Negotiations

755. Postal Law

741. Remedial Remedies

725. Sentencing Practice

845. Sexuality & The Teaching of Law

892. Special Topics in Underpants Law

674. Trysts and Estates

811. Undirected Research

685A. Veteran Veterinary Law

683X. White Collar Crimes Practicum

SEMINAR: 840. Childish Laws

SEMINAR: 817. Implementation of International Law in the Cafeteria

SEMINAR: 833. International Environmental Law and Canal Species

SEMINAR: 829. Law and Bowel Movements

SEMINAR: 826. Pants and their Role in Global Economic Development and Access to Wealth

SEMINAR: 746A. Practicing Professional Negligence