Cafeteria Menu

Menu is such a restrictive word. Not only does it suggest advance planning, but it also requires the ability to give your culinary creations a name. The food I prepare, with love, for the staff and students of Manhattan Law School, isn’t limited by labels. Nor is it limited by the freshness of ingredients, availability of proper storage and refrigeration, or common sense. Instead, the food at MLS, like the students themselves, is here because it was rejected elsewhere.”

— “Moldy Mike,” Cafeteria Manager, Manhattan Law School

Highlights from recent meals:

  • Chickens’ fingers
  • “Fiesta plate”
  • Pita with human hair
  • Cauliflounder pie
  • Chunky milk
  • “Roots and stems”
  • Pennsylvania Mud Pudding
  • Grape-wich
  • Banana toes