Alumni Weekend

Dear Friends,

We were delighted that so many of you chose to return to the Gowanus last spring for yet another hugely suspenseful Alumni Weekend.  Who killed Steve?  We may never know.  But we will all live with vivid memories of the attack, and then the three-day search for his assailant.  It’s just another experience you can only get at a Manhattan Law School Alumni Weekend.  From networking with other alums just as unemployed as you are to the traditional All-Class Cry on Saturday night, we hope to see many of you back in Brooklyn this coming May to celebrate with us.

The theme of this year’s Alumni Weekend will be “Capital Punishment,” and at least one special alum will be publicly executed in the atrium at the end of the festivities.  We have a wonderful program planned, and there will be something of interest for each and every one of you.

Alumni Weekend offers a special occasion for you to gawk at how fat your old MLS friends have become and enjoy victories against current ones in our annual Jeopardy! tournament. You can wander familiar halls, fall into familiar sinkholes, sit on our newly-renovated toilets, and catch up with the remains of favorite professors in the ol’ MLS crematorium.  Highlights of this year’s weekend, centered around the Capital Punishment theme will include:

• Witch burnings on Thursday night.

• Friday afternoon lethal injection sampler.

• Sit in your very own “electric chair” at the Friday night dinner for all alumni, with seating determined by LSAT score. After dinner, continue schmoozing over a medley of cafeteria leftovers from the entire semester.

• Our Saturday morning Student-Alumni Breakfast, which matches alumni who wish to feel bad about their lives with current students who wish to feel bad about their future.

• A eulogy by Dean Erwin Clopp.

Alumni Weekend certainly promises to be a weekend!!!!  We look forward to receiving your registration dues.

Best wishes,

Benito M. and the rest of the Alumni Committee