Alumni in the News

Manhattan Law School alumni are always in the news.  Here are some recent mentions we’ve come across:

Stephen Purchase ’52 was elected Town Elder of Marlborough, Massachusetts. The ceremonial position comes with a key to the city and a wooden cane.  Good for you, Stephen!

Martin Tolkoff ’65 recently co-authored a book about maritime law.  His hometown paper, the Tulsa Times, called it, “a book about maritime law.” Good for you, Martin!

Darryl Dingleberry ’72 was quoted as “the assailant’s neighbor” in a recent article about a shooting near his home.  Good for you, Darryl!

Anthony Eritrea ’74 was reportedly found dead in a ditch.  Good for you, Tony!

Calvin O’Leary ’79 had a column published on about how to disinherit your children. Good for you, Calvin!

Michael Golden ’81 of Michael Golden Enterprises was appointed head of a new investigative unit his company formed to tackle recent accounting irregularities. Good for you, Michael!

Christopher Sutton ’86 purchased Folk Music magazine, which had declared bankruptcy 14 months earlier. Good for you, Christopher!

Carlisle Murphy ’92 placed 187th in the National Scrabble Championships. Good for you, Carlisle!

Elaine Barth ’99 is missing. Good for you, Elaine!

Jessica Martinez ’99 is missing. Good for you, Jessica!

Sarah Curtis ’99 is missing. Good for you, Sarah!

Alan Zinsser ’99 is being indicted for allegedly abducting at least three fellow MLS alums. Good for you, Alan!