The cost of a law school education has grown quite significantly over the past few decades. At Manhattan Law School, we are committed to keeping pace with that growth. On this page, we have broken down the expected costs into three categories: (1) Mandatory Academic Costs and Fees; (2) Books, Supplies, and Other Necessary or Recommended Educational Materials; and (3) Expected Personal Living Expenses.  Taken together, the expected cost of one year at Manhattan Law School in 2016-17 is $127,276.90 (a 6% increase over the previous year).


Tuition $59,875.00
Building Use Fee $1,556.00
Operational Fee $2,119.00
Academic Excellence Fee $1,200.00
Other Mandatory Fees $6,639.70
Registration Fee $100.00
Resident and/or Non-Resident Fee $9,675.00
Student Technology Fee $600.00
Total Mandatory Costs and Fees: $81,764.70


MLS-Approved Computer* $2,400.00
Bookstore Entrance Fee (per visit) $5.00
Books $1,875.00
Pamphlets $320.00
Photocopies $400.05
Pens $35.95
Pencils $14.88
Stickies and Clippy-things $11.32
Total Books, Supplies, and Materials: $5,062.20

*Computers must be purchased through MLS Technology Agency, a wholly-owned subsidiary of MLS Real Estate Holdings, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Manhattan Law School Enterprises.  Shop on alternate Tuesdays for 0.1% cash back.


On-Campus Housing $24,000
MLS 42/week Meal Plan $12,750
Phone / Cable / Internet $2,400.00
MLSFlix Movie Rentals $180.00
MLS Laundromat Fees $900.00
Canal Crossing Fees $220.00
Total Personal Living Expenses: $40,450.00