Why Give?

Manhattan Law School depends on the generosity of alumni and friends to provide financial support for the school, and particularly for the administration’s most pressing personal needs. Each year, tuition dollars only cover approximately 4,500% of the cost of an MLS legal education.

Thus, gifts enable us to do even more, across a wide range of programs and initiatives, from attracting and retaining our most senior administrators to funding the passion projects and hobbies of their spouses and adult children.

Excellence is expensive; mediocrity can often cost even more; corruption costs most of all.  We at MLS have chosen to forego the easy routes to increased revenues, like improving our legal education or updating our facilities.  Thus we have no choice but to ask for your help.

A law school along the Gowanus Canal is not a foregone conclusion.

Remember that when you consider whether or not to give to Manhattan Law School.  Remember it, until you can’t remember much of anything, and then let our development office know, because raising funds from people who can no longer remember where they are spending their money is the bread and butter of our giving program.

There are so many reasons to give to Manhattan Law School. Here is just one:

  • You need Manhattan Law School to continue to exist so that your degree does not lose the little value it still has.