Global Opportunities

We are committed to making international experiences an indispensable part of Manhattan Law, whether because our students are extradited, deported, or because they choose to go to a country where no one has heard of Manhattan Law School. Through language instruction, exchange programs, and summer opportunities around the globe, our students are well prepared for the globalness of the modern world.

Language Instruction

MLS offers students interested in improving or developing foreign language skills the opportunity to talk to any of our maintenance workers or adjunct professors.

MLS Law Abroad

Our professors have written constitutions for over a dozen countries that failed to gain independence from their colonizers.


We invite students from law schools around the world to spend a semester here at MLS, as long as they can pay tuition. Unfortunately, at the current time, no international law schools accept MLS course credits or invite our students to enter their campuses, whether as a student or tourist.

Summer Internships

This summer, we will be sending our first class of summer interns to the Arctic, via raft.  Have a good trip!