Scholarship & Research

Manhattan Law School values knowledge in the service of society, and our faculty is deeply engaged in scholarship that addresses some of the biggest challenges of our times, including white flight, constitutional reform in Czechoslovakia, twerking, and finding quality latte art at coffee shops in the Gowanus neighborhood. Many professors desire to live like their peers in the private sector, and so they are grateful for the extra cash they earn by consulting for corporate polluters and financial embezzlers, as well as the summers they spend in Cape Cod pretending to read and write while sleeping late and refusing to answer phone calls from the law school’s registrar because they haven’t submitted their grades on time.

From matters as diverse as drafting doping regulations for the North American Scrabble Players Association, lobbying for Nautilus exercise equipment in their condominium buildings, working on legal reform in the Swiss Alps, advocating for harsher punishments for subway turnstile-hopping, and litigating for access to decent movies at Guantanamo Bay, Manhattan Law School faculty are engaged in problem solving and scholarly exploration at the highest levels of the academy, government, and legal practice.

For a list of our faculty’s published scholarship, click here.