Faculty Directory

Accomplished and Accomplicated

The professors who comprise the Manhattan Law School faculty are mostly lawyers, with credentials and experience in a variety of areas. From prior work as attorneys, litigators, regulators, clerks, assistants, servers, improvisational comedians, home health aides, and inmates, in the corporate, nonprofit, and public sectors, the Manhattan Law School faculty brings diverse and unique perspectives to their classrooms.

Many of them have first-hand experience with the laws they teach, either as accused and/or indicted individuals, or as accomplices to those who are.  Manhattan Law School professors frequently lecture, at home or on the street, and serve as advisers, board members, and fellows for a range of prestigious and fictional organizations.

Committed or Accessible

Faculty members at Manhattan Law School love to interact with students, when available.  While some of them are held in facilities that make office hours impossible, the rest of the faculty are required to devote at least fifteen minutes per week to meeting with students and making their law school experience come to life in a way that sleeping through lectures isn’t always able to.

Faculty Names

Due to ongoing legal proceedings, we are unable to list the names of our professors or any information about them.  We apologize for the inconvenience.