Faculty Led Clinics

Under the supervision of a faculty member, students do all the things real lawyers do, including client and witness interviews, factual development, legal research, preparation of pleadings, and negotiation and dispute resolution. Third-year students with practice certification may also argue death penalty cases in the states of Texas and Oklahoma. The following clinics are offered most years.


List of Clinics

  • Afghan Throw Pillow Litigation
  • Crying Child Initiative
  • Consumer Death Law
  • Crime & Punishment Law
  • Environmental Hazards Rights Workshop
  • Eurotrash Law
  • Family Dispute Cage Match Mediation Project
  • Good Law
  • Jewish Law
  • Ninth Amendment Law
  • Not So Innocent Project
  • Obama Law
  • Immigration & Tunneling Law
  • International Models
  • Patent and Leather I
  • Patent and Leather II
  • Profit Participation Project
  • Prostitution
  • Superman versus Batman Law
  • Thieves Law
  • Unemployment Law