Financial Aid

Manhattan Law School believes that everyone who can afford it should have the chance to go to law school.  That’s why we evaluate admissions applications with due consideration given to each family’s financial strength and ability to pay.

Last year, law students spent over eight billion dollars in tuition, fees, housing, food, and injectables — much of it here, as we are a proud leader in total annual cost to our students. And while we don’t believe that law students should have to go into thousands of dollars of debt in order to finance their educations, we respect those who disagree with our position and will gladly accept funds from any legitimate or illegitimate lending source.

Our financial aid office, conveniently located next to the last remaining debtor’s prison in Bayonne, New Jersey, is happy to answer any questions you might have about how much Manhattan Law School costs, and to lend you a calculator to add it all up. If you require more information about the financial aid possibilities at Manhattan Law School, we urge you to apply elsewhere.